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Born and raised in Kuwait - of Lebanese descent, with a dry New York sense of humor to boot. At a young age, Liana would arrange her dolls and bears in rows and conduct a full on teaching session - subjects ranging from Math to History. In fifth grade, the teacher would often kick her out of class for disrupting the reading sessions in doing character impersonations. In Middle School, Liana was awarded "The Best Drama Student" for two years in a row and was often a showstopper at the highschool talent show. Hardly having any creative outlets in Kuwait, Liana soon moved to Boston to obtain a college degree in "Civil Engineering" - it was then that her professors took her aside during the final presentation and commented, "Have you thought about a career in entertainment?"  - She wasn't sure whether to be offended or excited. After graduating, Liana moved to New York City to give "the arts" a shot. It is then that she sought after the best instructors to guide her. Liana often spent hours on hours at the comedy clubs and improv theaters, "The PIT" and "UCB" to hone her chops. She also spent hours perfecting her voice and speech, so much so that most people often don't believe she's Arab. And so.. her solo comedy show "White Arab Problems" was birthed. 

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